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Spirit of the Flame - 70 days following the Olympic Torch

DAY 20

It's funny how we can get misled by our own perceptions about ourselves...

DAY 19

The Olympic torch moved from one country to another today, between The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland...

DAY 18

Oh the frustration of not having 3G coverage everywhere! I wanted to watch the Olympic torch today more than any day so far...

DAY 17

Jubilee celebrations continue over this weekend, with a big concert at Buckingham Palace today. Meanwhile, as the Olympic Torch weaves through Derry / Londonderry, republican protesters force a detour...

DAY 16

Another day enjoyed at another camp, this time at the Southern England camp for primary aged kids (SEC Adventurer Camporee). It seemed strange to me on Friday evening not to be at this camp. I have run this camp for eight years, and now I was at home, with one of my daughters camping in a field. Something just seemed odd...

DAY 15

I have enjoyed a day at a camp for primary school kids run by my church in Northern England (NEC Adventurer Camporee)...

DAY 14

Have you ever lost something of value? Have you ever lost your phone? I have a cousin who lost, well dropped, her phone down the toilet this week! Amazingly it is still working!!! 

DAY 13

I spent a number of hours in the hospital today. Unplanned. I'm OK. I needed to take a family member to A&E. While waiting on doctors and assessments, I was asked to sit in the corridor. While I was reading and thinking through the things I needed to get done, I also watched people, like me, poised for improvement of health of a patient....

DAY 12

I went out for a walk this evening with my brothers. We try to meet up and go out, about once a month. We are in contact in between, but it's a time for just us guys.

DAY 11

The Olympic flame has arrived in Chester. Back in England, but tomorrow weaving its way along the border of Wales and England. Interestingly, the Chester football club stadium straddles the border, with the pitch in Wales, and the offices and main gate in England.