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Spirit of the Flame - 70 days following the Olympic Torch

DAY 50

As I was driving home last night I passed a sign pointing to a village called "Great Ness"! What a fantastic name. Imagine being asked where you live, and you reply, "I live in Great Ness."

DAY 49

Today has been International Kissing Day. 6 July. But of course a kiss is not just for one day. This day celebrates the kiss. An expression. A communication. An intimate act...

DAY 48

Today the Olympic Torch ended up in Ipswich. A town linked to the sea by the Orwell estuary. Built on the site of a large Roman villa, Ipswich became a settlement in the Anglo-Saxon times (7th-8th centuries)...

DAY 47

The Olympic Torch arrived in Norwich today. The birthplace of my parents. And I still have family that live in and near this city. And I have family who live in other countries, other continents...

DAY 46

I did a devotional reading with the kids this morning. Pesky nuisance. The topic of the story not the kids! The reading was about "The Pesky Mosquito"...

DAY 45

While Spain suffers with 25% unemployment, they have been celebrating their win last night of the Euro Football Cup. And it hasn't taken people long to come up with the jokes, like "Italy went to Poland 4-NOTHING". A joke about losing to Spain 4:0...

DAY 44

I found it hard to keep my eyes on the road this evening, as I noticed the pitch silhouette of the Trossachs Mountains overlaying the blushing post-sunset sky. The sheer splendour of the mountains beckoned me into their presence, even at late dusk from tens of miles away. Thank you God, that through the turmoil of the flood You made such beauty...

DAY 43

I have had a great day at Glasgow Church doing Master Guide training with nine Master Guide hopefuls. I am so encouraged by the young age of the group, from four churches. Well done Scotland!

DAY 42

After a very long, traffic congested, painfully slow journey from Watford to Glasgow today, I am glad to be settled and reflect on my day.

DAY 41

Répondez s'il vous plaît, a French phrase inviting a response. Sometimes we are asked to give our response, but sometime we give it anyway. Either way, our response can encourage, offend, persuade, and dissuade someone in their actions. Our influence on someone should not be disregarded...