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OYIM - One Year in Mission

Your Questions Answered:

What is “One Year in Mission”?

OYiM is a multi-faceted urban missionary movement with a vision for young adults to establish a transforming presence in the cities of the world. It is designed to give teams of young adults (18+) an opportunity to magnify Jesus in the cities through the Three Angels Message!


Why OYiM?

Because city evangelism “is the essential work for this time” and will result in starting “a mighty movement such as we have not yet experienced”.
(Ellen White: Medical Ministry p.304)

Why do we need OYiM?

Because city evangelism “is the essential work for this time” and will result in starting “a mighty movement such as we have not yet experienced” (Medical Ministry p. 304). The “everlasting gospel” is the only real antidote for the poverty, crime, vice, racism, disease and corruption found in the cities of the world.

What outcomes are expected from OYiM?

Several examples can be found in the Bible, but for now we will use Antioch (in the book of Acts). The gospel preached specifically to the unsaved (11:20, 13:38-39, 4613:46), New churches planted (13:1), Ministry to the suffering provided (11:29), Local churches revived (11:14-15), Souls saved and discipled (13:43, 48), Entire cities and regions positively impacted (13:44, 49), Opposition and persecution from within and without (13:45,50). New church leaders raised up and sent (13:2-4).

What method does OYiM use?

Since only one method works, OYiM missionaries will practice “Christ’s method alone” (Ministry of Healing, p 143). They will work together as a team to plan and implement an effective strategy that contextualizes Christ’s method (socialize, sympathize, serve, share) with their city’s unique culture.

Who can be an OYiM Missionary?

Missionaries need to be young adults ages 18-35 who have, at the very minimum, graduated from high school. They should be:
1. Committed Seventh-day Adventist
2. Active in their local church
3. A good team player
4. Highly recommended by their pastor
5. Willing and able take an entire year off from work/ school to focus on this ministry.

Aren’t our other mission initiatives enough?

Without question the Seventh-Day Adventist church has many wonderful mission initiatives around the world and the General Conference Youth Ministries Department (GC) supports them all!
However, OYiM is unique because it targets urban populations, and empowers teams of young people (15–30) to work together.
OYiM also provides mission opportunities for young adults who may not attend our schools or who have already completed their post-secondary/higher education (college, universities, trade schools, etc).
OYiM is a global initiative certified by the13 Divisions and the 2 attached fields.

What Projects are available in the British Union?

The Trans-European Division  is working together with the British Union Conference and Newbold College, together with partners ADRA-UK/Adventist Frontier Missions, and has put together a comprehensive programme for those interested in participating in OYiM. 

The programme is divided into two parts:
  1. Preparation and Training (theory) made up of four modules: Mission and Volunteerism, Ministry and Culture, Preparation for Mission Service, and Cultural Anthropology
  2. Mission and Service (practice) where students take part in a real-life mission and service project arranged by the Trans-European Division (TED) in collaboration with the British Union Conference (BUC), ADRA-UK and/or Adventist Frontier Missions (AFM). Each student is given the opportunity to choose one of three mission projects.

This year the service project is the Cuisle Centre of Influence in Dublin, Ireland together with further evangelism projects in the same area.

More information about the Newbold Training Modules.

To apply for a place on this exciting new programme, please contact the British Union Youth Ministries Director, Pastor Dejan Stojkovic.