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BUC Adventurer Camporee 2018 - Club Leader's page

Dear Club leader,

thank you for encouraging your Adventurers to attend the very first ever all-British Union Adventurer Camporee!  We are very excited that so many of you are wanting to participate.  Here's what you will need in order to register your club to attend.

Registration form
  • You may download the registration form here.
  • Please ask the parents/guardians of the children attending to complete the form and ensure that it is signed.
  • You should then keep this form with you, and remember to bring it with you to the camp.
  • All the medical and emergency information about the children in your care will be on the forms and they will be invaluable should an incident occur.
  • You do not need to send these forms to the BUC Youth Ministries dept.
  • We have not included the price on the form so that you can calculate travel costs and set a final price for your club members.
  • Remember that the registration fee does include food provisions for your club (clubs will collect the ingredients from the BUC camp centre and cook the food in their own clubs).

Club leader Excel spreadsheet

  • The appropriate information from the registration forms should be input onto this excel spreadsheet.
  • You should send this spreadsheet to the BUC Youth Ministries dept. by the deadline date (30 April 2018).
  • You will need to have paid the appropriate fees for each attendee on the spreadsheet by the same deadline date.

Payment options

  • Over the phone using a credit/debit card: please call Natalie on 01923 672251 during normal office hours.
  • Bank transfer: please call (01923 672251) or email for the bank details if you would like to make a bank transfer. 
  • Online through Paypal, click here.